Your satisfaction is our priority

  • Responsiveness: construction of hoses (elastomer, PTFE, composites, stainless steel, including PED and TDM/ADR) within 4 hours subject to material availability.
  • Urgent orders: Next-day delivery for most of France - Delivery possible through express package
  • On-site consulting, analysis, mock-up design
  • Custom-made technical solutions
  • Development of specifications
  • CAD

    • We use special software to create custom-made connectors
    • Customization: we create the specific parts you need


  • ISO9001/2008

  • TDM: DREAL-approved for Transport of Dangerous Materials (TDM order updated on May 29, 2009, formerly ADR)

  • PED 97.23 EC: (Pressure Equipment Directive)

  • EN 287-1- 2004..

    • Test bench up to 160 bar for large diameters.
    • Hydraulic test benches up to 2000 bar.
    • Air under water hydraulic test.


    • Hose-branding with micro metalwork.
    • Colour bands set onto hoses



    • Helium test
    • Liquid penetrant inspection
    • Radiography for braidless hoses
    • Final systematic checke
    • Dimensional inspection
    • Hydraulic tests for all pressure ranges

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